The Sequel
Camera, Editing

Two morons attempt to cash in on the Hamilton phenomenon, resulting in a web series pilot. 

Reno Off Beat Festival 2018
Camera, Editing

Some of the better, low-light shots from Off Beat Fest, November 2018.

Camera, Editing

A man's paranoia truly knows no bounds in this scintillating sketch/short thing. And just like a refreshing glass of 7-Up, it's got a REAL SWEET TWIST. 

The Makeover
Camera, Editing

A woman wears a trendy new fashion item, only to find that she just can't pull it off.

Broken Cities - "Beyond the Lightning, Void"

A short film disguised as a music video, "Beyond the Lightning" unravels the mysterious developments of a scientist-cum-superhero. 

Modern Medical Miracles
Writing, Camera, Editing

When you live with a medical student, you're constantly asking yourself, "What can I do with his cool labcoat and stethoscope?" The answer: A web series where he kills you.

Chicken Pox
Camera, Editing

A couple receives a reassuring if somewhat foreboding diagnosis.

Jill and Luke’s 23andMe Story
Camera, Editing

Unexpected results from America’s most popular DNA service.

Steel Cranes - "Today Is the Day"
Directing, Editing

A music video for Oakland's two piece Steel Cranes, in which two no-nonsense boot camp instructors succumb to the chaos that is comedy and Snickers. 

Craft Beer - A Hopumentary

An exploration of the origins of the Bay Area craft beer revobrewtion (ouch).

Argentina 2016
Camera, Editing

A quick video made in Buenos Aires, between embarrassing attempts at using my barely functional Spanish vocabulary.

Super Bowl 2017 / President
Camera, Editing

In 2017, you can say a lot of the same things about the two bloated, underwhelming wastes of energy we all pay too much attention to. 

The Worst Jock Jam Ever
Camera, Editing

In the early '90's, The Big City Factory Boys, an Eastern European "Jock Jam" band, attempted to create the perfect "pump up" song for American sports arenas. They failed.

The Ultimate Ice Bucket Challenge

Remember the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videos of 2014? Add a slice of existential horror to those, and you get this.